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Foreign Office Travel Advice: Afghanistan – bleakest outlook yet

November 1, 2019
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The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issue travel advice and guidance for all countries of the world, including Afghanistan.  The advice is aimed at UK citizens.  I have been lightly monitoring their website in relation to Afghanistan since 2012.  The most assessment from October 2019, is the bleakest yet.  This is July 2012:








It stays fairly consistent for a few years.  This is 2016:










Then September 2017:









And finally, this autumn has taken a real turn for the worse, leaving the Panjshir valley, a small area around Bamian, the government quarter and the airport in Kabul as even vaguely plausible areas to visit.  Striking but perhaps not surprising, given the fragility of peace talks, high levels of fighting and casualties and uncertainty about the elections.







For reference, this is Syria in November 2019:

FCO 312 - Nigeria Travel Advice Ed2 [WEB]

And Iraq in November 2019:


FCO 303 - Bangladesh Travel Advice [WEB]













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