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Snyder, Gessen and Jampol: The War in Ukraine: Propaganda and Reality

June 23, 2015

I was just listening to this podcast – thoughtfulness and wisdom in spades here.  Listen in full (maybe while you are doing exercise?).  This also from Synder.

ukraine-russia-631Literally amidst all the cacophony of propaganda some analytical clarity:

10 March 2015, Episode Summary

A year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, destroying a peaceful order in Europe and placing its own regime at risk.  We in the West have experienced this historical turning point through a haze of propaganda.  According to Snyder, the Kremlin was perhaps wrong about the political weakness of Ukraine, but likely right about some intellectual weaknesses of Americans and Europeans.  When will the war end? This rare pairing of two essential thinkers on Eastern European politics offers a revelatory look at why what happens in Ukraine is of significant international importance.

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