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Two large scale Afghan Taliban attacks reported in Logar and Ghowr provinces

October 19, 2014

Summary: larger scale Taliban ground operations reported

Photos of Afghan maps 006Reports of some larger scale operations from the Taliban :

BBC News, 19 Oct 2014:

Hundreds of Taliban fighters have launched two deadly attacks in Afghanistan, local officials say.

In Logar province, in the east, at least four soldiers were killed when militants attacked security posts.

In the central province of Ghor, up to 500 Taliban attacked two villages, a senior official told the BBC. The number of casualties is still unclear.

We might need to wait and see what other information comes in, particularly regarding the scale and outcome of these reported engagements. Its harder to get accurate reporting on fighting in the provinces now, as international (and international military) engagement dwindles.  We should be particularly cautious about the numbers reported to be involved.  However, larger insurgent attacks seem to be an increasing trend, with the Taliban more confident and willing to take on the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in pitched battles.  Surrounding isolated outposts and quickly overwhelming by force of numbers was a standard tactic employed by the Mujahideen against the Soviets in the 1980s, has been employed by the Taliban in the last ten years and may have been employed here.  Although a larger force in terms of numbers, the ANSF have less firepower, such as artillery and air power, than ISAF had at its peak.  This makes it much harder for the ANSF to be able to repel attacks and take and hold ground, lacking effective “force multipliers” such as intelligence, transport and logistical support.

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