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Russia planning another convoy into Ukraine

August 25, 2014

Summary: Suggestions that the Russians are planning to send in another “aid” convoy in a few days

Here we go…

BBC, 25 Aug 2014: Russia plans to send another humanitarian convoy into eastern Ukraine “in the next few days”, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.  Mr Lavrov said the humanitarian situation there was “deteriorating”.  Ukraine did not authorise the first convoy, which returned to Russia at the weekend, fearing it carried military equipment for pro-Russia separatists.  Ukrainian officials said a column of armoured vehicles crossed from Russia on Monday, sparking heavy clashes.

The likelihood of this becoming a more general – and, dare I say it “official” – armed clash seems greater.  The Ukrainians did not allow the Russians in last time and the unilateral decision by Russia to send the convoy in anyway, without ICRC accompaniment, was roundly condemned by everyone apart from, well, Russia, really.  I suggested previously that one tactic might be to establish the principle of entry and use it to slowly increase presence and influence inside eastern Ukraine.  But an article in Time thinks this is but part of a wider Russian effort to challenge the US seeming monopoly over aid distribution.

Not sure if this is accurate, but I agree with this sentiment, expressed here in American Thinker:

No nation in world history has destroyed its relationships with the outside world as rapidly or decisively as Vladimir Putin’s Russia has done in 2014.

The solution to Putin is not military but essentially political and economic and will take several years.  People will simply stop wanting to work with his version of Russia.

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