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The Taliban respond on the subject of Farah civilian casualties

April 10, 2013

By Tim Foxley

Summary: a rambling, incoherent and contradictory Taliban defence of the civilian casualties at the Farah courthouse…

Farah courthouseThe Taliban published a statement on their website regarding the reports of many civilian casualties caused in the course of the Taliban attack on the Farah courthouse last week:

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 10:21

Taliban flagBy and large, Karzai admin is making unfounded propaganda in every aspect alongside occupation against the Holy Jihad of Afghan nation, especially in the part of military attacks. Whenever they face a severe blow by Mujahidin, they abruptly turn towards propaganda to conceal their inefficiency and divert the attention of the people.

Whether the defense ministry, the interior ministry, the security directorate or any other place is attacked, they usually talk about the civilian casualties. Even if a military base of the invaders is attacked, they are used to talk about the civilian losses. According to their logic, they and their allied are altogether civilians.

The previous day, when Mujahidin started fatal attacks on several centers of the stooge admin in Farah province and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy; instead of acknowledging their defeat, they immediately accelerated the issue of civilian losses. These attacks were launched in such a time that some cruel decisions were to be taken against Mujahidin in the court. Everyone knows that whosoever takes this kind of decision, he takes all kind of security measures in advance to prevent any unanticipated incident. Mostly, common people are not allowed to enter the premises because it was not a civilian open trial.

This attack was arranged at 8 o’clock early in the morning. This is the time when officials reach their offices. The ordinary people come sometime later. Even if some people are present there, they are not allowed to go inside. And with the start of assault, everyone tries to run away from the scene; even the officials working in the offices try to escape from the incident.

The above mention points show that in these kinds of circumstances, the amount of civilian losses is quite low; and even if something happens, it will be from the embarrassed mercenaries of the puppet admin; because it is the routine of their trainers (the invaders) that whenever they are attacked, they open indiscriminate firing in all directions in panic. They do not know the target. They try to escape on the price of civilian losses; rather they intentionally kill the civilian to defame Mujahidin. As far as Mujahidin are concerned, they specify their targets very precisely. They go forward with full confidence and satisfaction towards their targets. They do not care for their own safe return because they want to sacrifice their lives for their noble cause.

It is unfortunate that a lot of media channels do not pay proper attention to the norms and rules of journalism. They usually make partial decisions. They only rely upon the reports and information provided by the stooge admin. It never complies with the rules of journalism.

The Islamic Emirates reiterates to the world community that Mujahidin feel the responsibility of rescuing the civilian due to Islamic Sharia more than anyone else. They are sacrificing their lives for the sake of sanctities, security and comfort, dignity and honour, life and property of the masses. Whatever is said by the Karzai admin is just for the sake of propaganda and has no reality behind.

Analysis and Outlook

I suggested in my first report on this incident that the Taliban might be embarrassed by this shedding of civilian blood and that they often appear to wait to see the full extent of civilian losses (and the media response) before deciding whether to claim or deny an attack.  Their statement is interesting on many levels.  The Taliban are geninely a media machine these days, driven by the same desires to represent themselves and their messages in the media as ISAF or the Afghan government.  They have clearly felt the need to respond to the reports of casualties and are perhaps aware that the media “hearts and minds” implications of such a strike against civilians is not working in their favour.  The defence they give here is incoherent, rambling and unconvincing – very much in the “deny, deflect and denounce” mode that they adopt to fast moving developments when they are rattled and less able to deal with things moving beyond their control.  The Taliban contradict themselves in this statement by first attempting to suggest they planned everything very carefully so as to avoid civilian losses (planning the operation at 08.00 when “ordinary people” are not about), before trying to suggest that the civilian losses were actually relatively low, before attempting to pin the blame on the Afghan government forces for shooting wildly and the media for misreporting the casualties.

Taliban media capabilities may have embraced modern technology, but the messages contained within are crude, clumsy and simplistic

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