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Good quality Taliban propaganda simply writes itself…

November 13, 2012

By Tim Foxley

Summary: The Petraeus scandal appears to be embracing ISAF Commander General Allen as well.  This is a high quality propaganda gift to the Taliban

I wasn’t planning to mention the Petraeus scandal, but since it now appears to have spread more blatantly into Afghanistan as well…

Here is an example of poor quality Taliban propaganda:

The reason why the ISAF media has the opportunity to give full coverage to their propaganda and false reports is the enemy’s firm censorship to suppress the free publication of information regarding the enemy’s military operations and, above all, Mujahedeen’s operations which is why, Mujahideen despite the growing achievements and gains on the ground, are sometimes unable to make them public in the media.

The Islamic Emirate vows to suppress and crush the flaling and panicky enemy more than ever so much so that they put an end to the enemy’s invasion and occupation of our beloved country and pave the way for Islamic dominance.

The enemy, hidden behind a well-oiled propaganda machine, has shown its true disgraceful face to the world and made an exhibition of itself through its propaganda machinery which is no longer able to fool our straightforward people by disseminating disinformation about true Mujahideen of Islam.

Here is an example of high quality Taliban propaganda:

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan under investigation, scandal widens

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, is under investigation for alleged inappropriate communication with a woman at the center of the scandal involving former CIA Director David Petraeus, a senior U.S. defense official said on Tuesday.

The shocking revelation threatens to fell another of the U.S. military’s biggest names and suggests that the scandal involving Petraeus – a former four-star general who had Allen’s job in Afghanistan before moving to the CIA last year – could expand much further than previously imagined.

The U.S. official said the FBI uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of communications – mostly emails and spanning from 2010 to 2012 – between Allen and Jill Kelley, who has been identified as a long-time friend of the Petraeus family and a Tampa, Florida, volunteer social liaison with military families at MacDill Air Force Base.

It was Kelley’s complaints about harassing emails from the woman with whom Petraeus had had an affair, Paula Broadwell, that prompted an FBI investigation, ultimately alerting authorities to Petraeus’ involvement with Broadwell. Petraeus resigned from his job on Friday.

Asked whether there was concern about the disclosure of classified information, the official, on condition of anonymity, said: “We are concerned about inappropriate communications. We are not going to speculate as to what is contained in these documents.”

 Analysis and Outlook

The first example of Taliban propaganda came from a recent comment on ISAF battle statistics.  The character was that of standard Taliban denial, denouncement and deflection.  The second example is precise, original, well-written and thoroughly believable.  Furthermore, the “loose morals of the West” angle will resonate with a lot more of the Afghan population than merely the Taliban.  I will bring you a few thoughts on the Taliban’s official (and likely, highly gloating) comment when it arrives, as it almost certainly will, probably in the next 48 – 72 hours.  Why so late?  Well, to be fair, they probably had the Petraeus comment at an advanced draft stage, but they now need a substantial revision…

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