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AAN on Afghan political movements

September 2, 2012

By Tim Foxley

Summary:  AAN producing new analytical series on Afghanistans political parties

Amidst suicide attacks, “green on blue”, transition and a multitude of various short-term or security issues, we risk doing what usually happens to Afghan politics – ie forgetting it until the last minute.  The next round of Afghan Presidential elections will take place in 2014 and there still presumably remains an outside chance that they may be moved forward to 2013 to avoid a very busy 2014 diary (transition, etc) for the Afghan government.  The extremely high quality product from the Afghanistan Analysts Network looks to go from strength to strength with a new series of analytical pieces looking at Afghan political parties, starting with Robert Peszkowski’s look at Dostum’s Jonbesh-e Milli and then a second paper by Niamatullah Ibrahimi: “Ideology without Leadership: The rise and decline of Maoism in Afghanistan“.  They look well worth checking out and I remain very grateful that organisations like AAN are still tracking, analysing and providing quality assessment of the political scene to the depth they do…

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