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No talking with the Taliban…?

June 29, 2012

By Tim Foxley

The New York Times has been quick to herald the good news:

Afghan Officials Hail Talks With Insurgents (or not)

  Nothing if not prompt responses from the Taliban.  Here they point out that they did not take part in any talks in France and that the Kyoto “academic conference” in which they participated has been misinterpreted as dialogue when all the Taliban intended was to clarify their position.

On the plus side, it is good that the Taliban are getting out and about to explain their position.  Only by regular interaction with the world can things in Afghanistan be moved forward.  However, it does – as usual – smack of a certain amount of naivete on the part of the Taliban’s media team.  Their understanding of, and response to, its engagement at the international level is weak.   If media reporting does not go exactly their own way, they start throwing out words like “baseless” (the favourite word of repressive regimes across the globe) and “malicious”.  What did they expect might happen if a Taliban representative shares a platform with Afghan government representatives in a country that might almost be considered “neutral ground”?  In addition, instead of just turning up, they might like to prepare the ground beforehand via their media team.  “Expectation management”, I think they call it…

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the participation of its representative in academic conferenc

Friday, 09 Sya’ban 1433

Friday, 29 June 2012 05:51

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the participation of its representative in academic conference in Japan

An academic conference, in which the issue of Afghanistan would also be discussed was being planned in Doshisha university, Koyoto, Japan on the 25th June 2012 and hence it sent an invitation to the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate sent its representative to this conference only and only so it can clarify its stance to the world regarding the affair of Afghanistan. Some faces and media outlets have distorted the meaning of this trip of Islamic Emirate and have said that the

representative of Islamic Emirate has begun formal negotiations with the peace council representatives of the stooge Kabul regime and have agreed upon creating a joint commission. Other media outlets have added that the representatives of Islamic Emirate have also made a similar trip to France and have negotiated about peace.

We must make it very clear that dispatching a representative to Japan was not for meeting with someone or talking about peace and neither have there been any discussions or agreements made about setting up a joint commission for future peace talks. On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate has never sent a delegation or a representative or a message to France and neither is the Japan matter connected to the conference in France.

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stated that the Afghan problem has two sides. As long as the matter with America (talks which are currently suspended) is not addressed, talking with the administration of Karzai is pointless.

The baseless and malicious news spread by some self-interested persons and media outlets are only their own views and have nothing to do with the realities.

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