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A desirable and achievable future for Afghanistan…?

June 26, 2012

By Tim Foxley


Just a thought for you, rather than a considered piece:

23 June 2012 – The Economist on the situation in Egypt:

“The best way to tame the Islamists, as Turkey’s experience shows, is to deny them the moral high ground to which repression elevates them, and condemn them instead to the responsibilities and compromises of day-to-day government”

Which is my view on the way – through emphasis on messaging, rather than combat – we should be approaching the Taliban over the long-term.  The question is, how do we move them from their current situation with their emphasis on the language of “Jihad” towards something that guides them towards understanding the need to address the social, political and economic problems facing the people of Afghanistan?

The point I would directly put to the Taliban (with my minor amendment), comes from the end of the piece:

In Egypt’s confusion, one thing stands out: Egyptians, and Arabs elsewhere, want to run their own affairs.  Kings or generals [or Taliban] may slow progress to that end, but they cannot stop it.

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