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People flowing out…

March 2, 2012

Following from an earlier post about the likely indicators and warnings that would help us to understand the direction Afghanistan may be headed, this piece, “Racing for the Exits“, makes the point very well.  It is worth reading in full:

More Afghans are seeking asylum now than at any time since war in Afghanistan began, figures from the United Nations show. Last year more than 30,000 Afghans sought asylum worldwide, topping 2010’s numbers by 25 percent – and those are just the recorded cases.  More than 45,000 Afghans are said to have illegally escaped into Greece alone.  Australia is another popular destination for asylum, though it is harder to pull off due to distance.

The current protests in reaction to news of the burnings of Korans at Bagram only underline to many Afghans just how quickly security can unravel and just how much uncertainty Afghans face in the future.

There is a race for the exits in Afghanistan, all right, and it is not just the internationals running for the door.

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