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Two years on: Karzai cabinet still awaiting full approval

February 10, 2012

Useful reminder from the Daily Outlook Afghanistan that things are pretty lucklustre within the Afghan government.  Karzai has struggled to get his cabinet approved by Parliament and this has been dragging on since the immediate aftermath of the 2009 elections.  Apparently Karzai is to submit the list next week to Parliament’s Lower House, the Wolesi Jirga.  Two years ago the MPs were pretty dismissive of Karzai’s selection – but I don’t have a sense of the prospects for his submission getting endorsed this time.  Government practise seems to be to simply bypass Parliament with a shrug by appointing and running “temporary” ministers.

President Hamid Karzai has promised sending a list carrying names of his Cabinet nominees, the chief justice and the attorney general to the lower house of parliament for a vote of confidence next week, officials said…ministries including the public health, women’s affairs, transport and aviation, communications and information technology, higher education, urban development and water and energy are being run by acting ministers despite the expiry of their tenures.

But the Wolesi Jirga itself doesn’t have a reputation for effective performance either and is just as capable of rejecting Karzai’s suggestions for poor reasons as well as valid ones – nepotism, corruption, personal feuds, ethnic, tribal and gender disputes hamper the process of Parliament routinely.  This from Pajhwok this year and from Ariana news last November.

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